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Do you understand the common faults of pneumatic hoists

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During the use of pneumatic hoists, we may encounter some problems of varying sizes.

 If we are not familiar with pneumatic hoists, we may not be able to provide a solution. 

Today, we will talk about common problems

Pneumatic hoist is a lifting equipment, and the lifting rope is an important component, mainly used to connect goods with the lifting rope. 

During use, sometimes there may be situations where the lifting rope cannot be retracted or released.

 At this time, we need to pay attention and check the surrounding area of the lifting rope to see if it is entangled, causing it to be unable to retract or release. 

In addition, in daily use, we should also wrap the lifting ropes together in an orderly manner and not stack them casually, which can reduce the probability of problems occurring during use.

Pneumatic hoists often experience sudden slowing down of operating speed, which may be caused by the brake system of the motor not being fully opened, or by severe wear on the brake pads, blocked silencers, and worn motor blades. 

The treatment method is to first check the cause of the slow operating speed.

Unable to increase speed, common reasons are low air pressure, motor blades getting stuck, overload protection being activated, and problems with rope controlled directional valves.

The pneumatic hoist can be used for speed regulation, and has a protection function of air interruption for overload. 

For this device, there may be unstable control during use. 

We believe that the operating staff can detect this issue.

 If it occurs, we suggest that everyone pause for a while.

 This problem may be caused by the equipment being used for too long.

 Alternatively, you can take a look to see if a certain component has become loose, resulting in inaccurate equipment accuracy.

The above is a brief introduction to the common problems encountered during the use of pneumatic hoists. 

Through our introduction, we hope that everyone should pay attention and solve the problems fundamentally, while also doing a good job in equipment maintenance.

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