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Storage method of pneumatic hoist

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We all know that the application of pneumatic hoists has environmental requirements, such as not working in humid environments. 

But under some special conditions, we have to make the pneumatic hoist work in a humid environment, which is unfavorable for the operation of the pneumatic hoist. 

How can we avoid these disadvantages? The following are some storage methods for pneumatic hoists in humid environments:

Method 1: Reduce the usage time of the pneumatic hoist.

 It is not allowed to operate this equipment in a humid environment for a long time, which can reduce the time that water stays on the product and avoid corrosion of the pneumatic hoist.

Method 2: Maintain the pneumatic hoist well.

 If the pneumatic hoist has to be used in a humid environment, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of this product, wipe off the moisture in a timely manner, and do a good job in the lubrication of this product. 

This reduces the corrosion of the product and can also achieve the desired maintenance effect.

Method 3: Properly protect this type of pneumatic hoist. 

If the humidity is relatively small, a fan can be used to dry the pneumatic hoist. 

If the humidity is large, it is necessary to protect the pneumatic hoist to reduce the probability of damage.

The above is about the protective measures for pneumatic hoists in humid environments. Of course, this is only relative to some special working environments. 

Generally, in our daily work environment, pneumatic hoists are required not to be in humid environments.

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