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Elaborate on the maintenance and repair points of explosion-proof electric hoists

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Explosion proof electric hoists are powerful tools for improving working conditions and increasing labor productivity while ensuring safety. Therefore, they have become essential mechanical equipment in reasonable process technology, with the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small volume, and large lifting capacity. The key points for maintenance and repair of explosion-proof electric hoists are as follows:

1. Strictly follow the instructions of the electric hoist for operation.

2. When lifting heavy objects, it is not allowed to pass over people, and people are not allowed to ride on the lifted objects. When lifting workpieces, the operator should maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from the workpiece, and there should be no one or obstacles in front of the lifting. Operators should pay attention to preventing tripping when walking with the vehicle.

3. During the operation of the electric hoist, inspection and maintenance are not allowed.

4. Confirm the reliability of the brake condition before lifting.

5. Confirm that the safety latch of the hook is intact before lifting.

6. Lifting is prohibited when the steel wire ropes are mixed together. Do not tilt or drag heavy objects.

7. Do not let the cables bear tension during work, do not pull the cables too tightly, and keep the button panel with room for movement.

8. When the crane brake is not working properly, the tightness of the electric brake spring should be adjusted.

9. When the electric hoist is not working, it is not allowed to hang heavy objects to avoid irreversible deformation of the parts.

10. Before maintenance, safety handover procedures must be handled according to regulations. Before maintenance, the load should be unloaded, the power should be cut off, and a "no movement sign" should be hung. The hook should not be suspended in the air.

11. When repairing explosion-proof electric hoists, it is advisable to avoid construction within the explosion-proof area as much as possible. If construction must be carried out on-site in the explosion-proof area, explosion-proof measures should be taken.

12. Implement safety technical measures for maintenance and wear necessary labor protection equipment.

13. During maintenance, the crane should be moved to a position that does not affect ground production or other cranes; When the above requirements cannot be met due to limitations, reliable protection should be provided. Measures or setting up guardians.

14. During high-altitude maintenance, safety measures should be taken in accordance with the "Safety Maintenance Regulations for High Altitude Operations".

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