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Elaborate on the structure and component construction characteristics of explosion-proof electric hoists

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The structure and component construction characteristics of explosion protection electric hoists can be summarized as follows:

1、 Structural characteristics

Modular design: The explosion protection electric hoist consists of several separately detachable components, which makes use, maintenance, and repair very convenient, and can effectively shorten the repair cycle.

Explosion proof design: The explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof control box, control buttons, etc. are all separate explosion-proof structures to ensure safety when operating in explosive environments.

High versatility and interchangeability: The components have a high degree of universality and strong interchangeability. For example, the reducer uses standard module cylindrical gears, which are easy to maintain.

2、 Main component construction features


Type: Usually a three-stage cylindrical gear reducer is used.

Material: The gears and shafts are made of high-quality alloy steel, and the outer shell is made of high-quality cast iron. It is processed by a machining center and assembled tightly, preventing dust from entering.

Lubrication: All are equipped with rolling bearings and lubricating oil needs to be added regularly.

Winching device (drum):

Material: The drum is made of cast iron or thick walled seamless steel pipe and placed inside a steel shell.

Connection method: Connect the reducer with a spline hole, and the other end is connected to the motor end cover with a rolling bearing.

Steel wire rope management: The steel wire rope is wound according to the threaded groove on the drum, and is arranged by a guide rope device, which is convenient for maintenance and can prevent the steel wire rope from getting tangled or damaged.

Operating mechanism:

Adopting an electric car, the reducer gears are made of high-quality forged steel and undergo heat treatment, all of which are made of rolling bearings.

When the lifting height is high, the operating mechanism and the lifting mechanism are connected by joint bearings to ensure flexible operation, small turning radius, convenient use, and long service life.

Explosion proof motor:

Features: Equipped with a brake, it can stop the explosion-proof electric hoist in a short period of time when the motor is powered off.

Shell material: The shell material of the explosion-proof motor for economic use in lifting is HT200 high-grade cast iron, which has undergone water pressure testing to ensure its strength.

Junction box: The terminals inside the junction box are made of 4220 arc resistant plastic powder, ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical connections.

Lubrication system:

The steel wire rope and drum need to be lubricated once a week using steel wire rope grease.

Add lubricating oil to the bearings of the climbing motor every 6 months, using SYB 1403-59 calcium based grease lubricating oil.

Control device:

Including cables, button boxes, and connector frames to ensure easy and safe operation.

When the hook rises to the limit position, the explosion-proof limit switch can cut off the main circuit power of the elevator motor, ensuring safety.

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