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European style electric hoists explain how to install chain electric hoists

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Installing a European style chain electric hoist typically involves the following steps, but please note that the specific steps may vary depending on the model and brand of electric hoist. The following is a general installation guide:

Preparation work:

Confirm that the installation location is suitable for the use of electric hoists, including load-bearing capacity, space size, etc.

Check if the electric hoist and its accessories are intact and prepare the necessary installation tools.

Installation bracket:

According to the specifications and installation requirements of the electric hoist, use suitable brackets or tracks to support the electric hoist.

Install the bracket or track firmly on the ceiling or wall to ensure its level and stability.

Installation of electric hoist:

Install the main body of the electric hoist onto the bracket or track and secure it with bolts or other fasteners.

Ensure that the electric hoist can slide smoothly along the track without jamming or shaking.

Connect power and control system:

According to the electrical wiring diagram of the electric hoist, correctly connect the power line, control line, and signal line to the corresponding terminals of the electric hoist.

Ensure that all electrical connections are firm and reliable, and comply with local electrical safety regulations.

Install chains and hooks:

Pass the chain correctly through the sprocket of the electric hoist and ensure that the tension of the chain is appropriate.

Install hooks or other lifting tools and ensure their firmness and reliability.

Testing and debugging:

After installation, perform no-load and load tests on the electric hoist to check its normal and smooth operation.

Make necessary adjustments and optimizations based on the test results to ensure that the performance of the electric hoist meets the requirements for use.

Safety inspection and operation training:

Before formal use, conduct a comprehensive safety inspection on the electric hoist to ensure that it complies with safety regulations.

Provide operational training to operators to understand the usage methods, precautions, and emergency handling measures of electric hoists.

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