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How to avoid the risk of accidents with explosion-proof chain hoists

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Explosion-proof chain hoists are suitable for production and construction in factories, miners, agriculture, electricity, and buildings, as well as for cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, especially for outdoor and power free operations. 

They play an important role. 

Accidents can occur during the use of explosion-proof chain hoists, and many of these accidents can be avoided. 

The specific methods are as follows:

1. Choose an appropriate explosion-proof chain hoist based on the weight of the heavy object. 

If the weight is not clear, confirm and try to choose a larger explosion-proof chain hoist.

2. After receiving the explosion-proof chain hoist, first check if the hoist has an inspection certificate, and then conduct a surface structure inspection.

3. When the lifting weight is above 10t, it is necessary to conduct a 1.1 times lifting test on the hoist as much as possible to check its performance.

4. Before use, check the chain for kinks and the hook for flipping.

5. Cherish explosion-proof chain hoists, do a good job of maintenance and inspection during leisure time, and "raise soldiers for a thousand days and use them for a while". 

Only in this way can we greatly ensure the stability of construction during use.

6. When using, stand on the same side as the hand zipper. 

During the lifting process, it is strictly prohibited for personnel to do any work or walk under heavy objects to avoid personal accidents.

The above are the precautions that everyone should pay attention to when using explosion-proof chain hoists. We hope that while doing business, everyone can also be safe!

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