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How can the performance of a chain hoist be better utilized

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In order to better utilize the performance of chain cranes, the following aspects can be considered and operated:

Advance inspection and preparation:

Before using the chain crane, conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the crane is not damaged or abnormal. This includes checking the physical structure, circuit system, braking system, etc. of the crane.

If any problems are found, they should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner to ensure the normal and safe operation of the crane.

Safe operating techniques:

Strictly adhere to the rated load limit of the crane and do not overload it. Overloading may cause the crane to lose balance or the lifting equipment to break, posing a serious threat to personal safety.

Guide the movement of the crane through correct signals, ensuring clear communication between the operator and signal guide personnel, and ensuring coordination and safety of crane actions.

Reasonable use of cranes:

Reasonably utilize according to the working environment and the characteristics of the lifting object. For example, when operating a crane in a narrow space, it is advisable to avoid collisions between the hook and walls or other objects as much as possible.

Select appropriate lifting tools based on the weight and size of the lifted object to ensure smooth lifting operations.


Regular maintenance and upkeep of cranes, including replacement of lubricating oil, inspection of fastening screws, and maintenance of electrical systems. This helps to extend the service life of the crane and maintain its normal operation.

Pay special attention to the lubrication of the crane, regularly check the lubrication of various parts, do regular lubrication, and add or replace lubricants in a timely manner.

Preventive maintenance:

Inspect and identify potential issues in advance, and make timely repairs to avoid malfunctions. Regular preventive maintenance helps to ensure the stable operation of the crane.

Training and Education:

Provide regular training and education to crane operators to familiarize them with the various functions and safety operating procedures of the crane. This helps to improve the operator's operational skills and safety awareness.

Record management:

Establish complete maintenance records, including maintenance plans, maintenance record sheets, records of repairs and replacement of parts, etc. This helps to track the maintenance status of the crane, ensuring that regular maintenance and repair work is carried out on time and as needed.

By implementing the above measures, the performance of chain cranes can be better utilized, and the efficiency and safety of lifting operations can be improved.

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