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How to carry out quality control work for explosion-proof electric hoists

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Explosion proof chain electric hoist is a common lifting equipment with a wide range of applications, often chosen by major enterprises. 

Therefore, in production, manufacturers need to strictly control the quality of explosion-proof chain electric hoists to ensure that the machine can better provide services to users. 

Below, the editor will introduce several essential operations for quality control.

When the explosion-proof chain electric hoist is manufactured and left the factory, various tests such as overload, no-load, and load test run should be carried out first. 

During the no-load test, first open the lifting structure of the equipment and operate the explosion-proof hoist trolley back and forth on the track three times to ensure that there are no abnormal phenomena. 

During the load test run, continuously increase the load and perform a lifting test run until the rated load is reached, and then run the trolley back and forth on the track to ensure normal operation.

Secondly, it is necessary to conduct static stiffness testing on the track of the explosion-proof chain electric hoist, 

lift the rated lifting load to a distance of 200mm from the ground, and measure its top value after it is stationary. 

The top value should be measured within the range of S/10 in the middle of the main beam span. 

After all the experiments are completed and qualified, the handover procedures can be processed.

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