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Maintenance methods for operating electric hoists

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The maintenance methods for operating electric hoists include:

Pay attention to the maintenance of brakes. 

The common faults of brakes are failure and excessive sliding. 

When checking the surface accessories of the electric hoist, there is usually a certain amount of deviation in the brake accessories. 

After the offset reaches a certain value, braking failure will occur. 

Usually, when there is deviation between the brake components of the electric hoist, it is necessary to adjust the nuts slightly to restore normal spacing between the components. 

If the brake ring has undergone significant wear and damage, and it is unable to maintain normal spacing between various brake components, it is necessary to replace the brake ring to ensure the normal use of the brake module. 

During the replacement process of the brake ring, a small amount of water needs to be applied to the new brake ring to ensure smoother replacement.

Pay attention to the maintenance of the reducer.

Regularly clean the electric hoist. 

Use a clean cloth or brush to clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the electric hoist; 

Use specialized cleaning agents or soapy water to clean the surface of the electric hoist, and be careful not to let water seep into the interior of the electric hoist;

 After cleaning, dry the surface of the electric hoist with a clean cloth or tissue.

Please note that the specific maintenance methods for the equipment may vary slightly depending on the model and manufacturer. 

It is recommended to consult the user manual of the running electric hoist for more detailed maintenance information, or contact the manufacturer for consultation.

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