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How to ensure the safe operation of the lever hoist

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To ensure the safety of the lever gourd, the following aspects can be taken into account:

1、 Selection and Use

Choose the appropriate lever gourd: Choose the appropriate model and load-bearing capacity of the lever gourd according to work needs to avoid overload use.

Correct installation: Before use, correctly fix the lever hoist on the lifting point to ensure that the fixing part is sturdy and reliable, and use appropriate fixing devices to avoid loosening or falling off during operation.

2、 Inspection and maintenance

Security check:

Before use, check whether the upper and lower hooks are securely fastened to ensure that the load is placed in the center of the hook cavity.

The lifting chain must not have twisted or bent links to ensure safety.

Check if the pliers, wire rope, and brake components of the lever hoist are severely worn, need to be replaced, or contaminated.

Before use, conduct a no-load test to ensure that the transmission components and lifting chains are well lubricated and the idle condition is normal.


After use, clean the lever gourd, apply rust proof grease, and store it in a dry place.

Maintenance and repair should be carried out by personnel familiar with the manual hoist mechanism to prevent those who do not understand the performance principles of the machine from disassembling and assembling at will.

Gear installation should be carried out according to the drawings. When installing the groove nut, the handwheel should be turned clockwise first to press the ratchet and friction plate onto the brake air seat before installation.

After cleaning, inspecting, and repairing the lever hoist, it should undergo no-load and heavy-duty tests to confirm normal operation and reliable automatic operation before use.

3、 Precautions during use

Overloading is strictly prohibited: it is not allowed to exceed the rated load of the lever hoist.

Unauthorized extension of the handle is strictly prohibited: the length of the wrench must not be arbitrarily extended.

Strictly prohibit illegal operations: Do not use power other than manual labor for operation.

Ensure a safe area: When lifting heavy objects, personnel are strictly prohibited from doing any work or walking under the heavy objects to prevent personal accidents.

Avoid damp environments: Do not place the gourd in rain or in very damp places.

By following the above points, the safe operation of the lever gourd can be effectively ensured, reducing the risk of

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