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How to operate the lifting mechanism of a double beam crane safely

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To safely operate the lifting mechanism of the double beam crane, the following steps and precautions should be followed to ensure smooth operation and personnel safety:

Preparation before operation

Inspection: Before operation, the lifting mechanism of the double beam crane, including the motor, reducer, transmission shaft, brake and other components, should be carefully checked for integrity, all nuts and bolts should be tightened, and lubrication should be sufficient.

Safety devices: Confirm that all safety devices, such as overload limiters, limit switches, etc., are in normal working condition.

Identification: Each crane should hang an additional lifting capacity tag in a prominent position to ensure that the operator understands the maximum load-bearing capacity of the crane.

Operation steps

Turn on power: After confirming that there is no one on the platform or track, turn off the main power.

Slow lifting: Press the deceleration button to slowly lower the hook to the desired height. Note that the hook or lifting device, as well as the bottom surface of the lifted object, should be at least 2 meters above the ground during operation to ensure safety.

Hanging and moving: Hang the lifting object on the hook and move the crane according to the needs. During movement, stability should be maintained to avoid rapid or sudden acceleration and deceleration.

Lower the heavy object: After reaching the destination, slowly lower the lifting object according to the corresponding procedure to ensure a smooth landing.

matters needing attention

Overloading is prohibited: Overloading the use of cranes is strictly prohibited to avoid accidents.

Stay focused: During the operation, you should always keep your attention focused, observe the operation status and signals, and stop the operation in a timely manner if any problems are found.

Avoiding collisions: Double beam cranes are not allowed to collide with each other, let alone use one crane to push another crane for work.

Electrical safety: Ensure that the electrical equipment casing of the crane is grounded. If the trajectory of the trolley is not welded to the main beam, welding ground wire measures should be taken.

Maintenance and upkeep: Regular maintenance and upkeep of the crane are required, such as replacing lubricating oil, inspecting motor appliances, inspecting on-site controls, integrity checks, etc., to ensure the healthy operation of the facilities.

Special situation handling

Power outage handling: When there is a sudden power outage during work, all controller handles should be placed in the "zero" position, and the crane should be checked for normal operation before rework.

Emergency stop: In case of emergency, the crane should be stopped immediately using the emergency stop device.

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