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How to prevent rust on pneumatic hoists

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Pneumatic hoist is a large-scale lifting equipment. In today's society that requires high efficiency, pneumatic hoist greatly improves work efficiency and saves human and material resources. However, when we use pneumatic hoists, we often encounter damage to their steel wire ropes. In order to extend the service life of the pneumatic hoist, it is necessary to maintain and maintain the steel wire rope. Today, editor Makita will tell you the maintenance methods to prevent rust on the steel wire ropes of electric hoists.

1. The pneumatic hoist gearbox should be coated with anti rust grease containing barium petroleum sulfonate on the surface of the gear, and regularly checked for rust and the integrity of the protective oil film.

2. The exposed surfaces and exposed threaded surfaces of various parts of the steel wire rope hoist that are prone to corrosion should be coated with calcium based anti rust lubricating grease or other anti rust lubricating grease.

3. The surface of the steel wire rope should be coated with anti rust lubricating oil, and under non operating conditions, it should be wrapped with tarpaulin or plastic film externally.

4. The bearing of the hook should be injected with calcium based anti rust lubricating grease to prevent rust, and checked regularly.

5. For areas that have already rusted, first use a hardwood or bamboo blade to scrape off the rust spots and reapply oil. If the original oil film is damaged or deteriorated, clean it with kerosene or gasoline, and then apply anti rust grease.

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