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Special importance of pneumatic hoist

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Pneumatic hoist is a new type of product that is improved on the basis of electric hoist. Its gripping weight ratio is equivalent to that of an electric hoist, which has improved quality. 

Moreover, its advantage is that it has good explosion-proof performance, so traditional hoists are not as good as new pneumatic hoists in some cases. For example, various factories, dust workshops, and highly corrosive places. 

Due to its small size, easy installation, and light weight, it can be easily installed on machinery in these places and is also very safe for operators.

The working principle of the pneumatic hoist is that the pneumatic hoist can achieve the lifting, lowering, and horizontal movement of heavy objects. 

The specific implementation process is to divide compressed air into two paths after reaching the main control valve through the air distribution system. 

One path of air is sequentially transmitted to the chain wheel after passing through the pneumatic motor of the pneumatic hoist and the planetary reducer to achieve the lifting and lowering movement of heavy objects. 

The working process is as follows: the other path of air is sequentially passed through the pneumatic motor of the walking car After the action of the planetary reducer of the walking car, it is transmitted to the active wheels of the walking car to achieve horizontal movement of the lifting weight.

With the development of industry, pneumatic hoists will be increasingly widely used in future industrial production due to their performance advantages such as accurate positioning, simple operation, safety and reliability, and the realization of stepless speed regulation.

 In addition, the application of harmonic transmission technology in pneumatic hoists provides a beneficial exploration basis for expanding the application range of harmonic transmission and developing domestic pneumatic hoists to replace imported products. 

At the same time, the introduction of green technology has laid the foundation for pneumatic hoists to embark on a sustainable development path of clean, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving. 

In future research work, more advanced technical measures can be taken to achieve the advantages of pneumatic hoists.

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