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How to use chain hoists to prevent damage

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When using a chain crane, to prevent damage and ensure its normal operation, the following suggestions can be followed:

Inspection equipment: Before using the chain crane, conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that the chains, hooks, brakes, and other components are intact and in good working condition. If any damage or wear is found, it should be immediately stopped from use and repaired or replaced.

Correct operation:

Follow the manufacturer's operating manual and guidelines to ensure correct and safe operation of the chain crane.

Avoid overloading and ensure that the lifted object does not exceed the rated load of the chain crane.

During the lifting and lowering process, maintain smooth operation and avoid rapid start, stop, or sudden change of direction.

Regular maintenance:

Regular maintenance of chain cranes, including cleaning, lubrication, inspection of fasteners, and replacement of worn parts.

Regularly check the wear of the chain, and if severe wear or damage is found, it should be replaced immediately.

Regularly check the performance of brakes and other safety devices to ensure their normal operation.

Safety devices:

Ensure that necessary safety devices such as overload protection and limit switches are installed on the chain crane.

During the operation, always keep the safety device in working condition and avoid unnecessary operations or adjustments.

Storage and Protection:

When not using a chain crane, it should be stored in a dry and clean place to avoid moisture, corrosion, or damage.

During storage, avoid placing heavy objects on the chain crane to prevent damage.

Training and operation:

Provide sufficient training and guidance to personnel operating chain cranes to ensure they understand the operating methods and safety precautions of the equipment.

Untrained or unauthorized personnel are prohibited from operating chain cranes.

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