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Label and packing requirements for explosion-proof electric hoists with steel wire ropes

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The labeling and packaging requirements for explosion-proof electric hoists with steel wire ropes can be summarized as follows:

1、 Label requirements

Product identification:

Brand and model: Clearly label the brand, model, and main technical parameters of the product.

Manufacturer information: including manufacturer name, address, contact information, etc.

Certification marks: such as CE certification, explosion-proof certification, etc., to prove that the product complies with relevant safety standards and regulatory requirements.

Safety warning:

Explosion proof level: Clearly indicate the explosion-proof level of the product, such as Ex d IIB T4, to guide users in selecting suitable products based on the usage environment.

Safety Warning: Contains necessary safety operation warnings and precautions, reminding users to comply with safety regulations during use.


Installation and Maintenance Guide: Briefly explain the installation steps, maintenance requirements, and precautions of the product.

Technical parameter table: Provide detailed technical parameters of the product, such as working voltage, power, rated load, etc.

2、 Packaging requirements


Durable and sturdy: Made of sturdy and durable packaging materials such as wooden boxes and metal drums, ensuring that the product is not damaged during transportation.

Waterproof and moisture-proof: Packaging materials should have certain waterproof and moisture-proof properties to prevent products from getting damp or getting wet during transportation.

Internal fixation:

Shock proof and pressure proof: the product should be firmly fixed in the packaging box, and the gap should be filled with shock proof materials (such as foam, air bag, etc.) to prevent the product from being shocked or squeezed during transportation.

Separation protection: if there are multiple products in the packing box, partition boards or foam and other materials shall be used for separation protection to avoid damage caused by mutual collision.

Identification and labeling:

Transportation identification: Clearly mark the transportation identification on the outside of the packaging box, such as "handle with care", "moisture-proof", "pressure proof", etc.

Product label: Fix the product label in an easily visible position outside the packaging box to ensure that users can quickly identify product information.

Document information:

Accompanying documents: Provide complete product documentation inside the packaging box, including product certificate, user manual, warranty card, packing list, etc.

3、 Specific example reference

Taking a certain brand of explosion-proof steel wire rope electric hoist as an example, its packaging requirements may include:

Packaging material: double-layer wooden packing box with shockproof foam lining.

Internal fixation: The product is fixed inside the packaging box through a dedicated fixing bracket, ensuring that it will not shake or shift during transportation.

Identification and labeling: The packaging box is marked with identification and labels such as "Explosion proof Steel Wire Rope Electric hoist", "Ex d IIB T4", "Handle with care", "Moisture proof", etc.

Document information: Provide product qualification certificate, explosion-proof qualification certificate, user manual, warranty card, and packing list along with the box.

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