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Low net empty hand chain hoist used for dismantling diesel generator sets

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In many factories, enterprises, hospitals and other places, diesel generators are generally used as emergency power sources to prevent power grid failures, peak trips, and other situations. The original diesel generator sets were bulky, fuel consuming, noisy, and heavily polluted, making them increasingly unsuitable for social needs. With the continuous progress of society and technology, it is necessary to replace them with energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and small and aesthetically pleasing diesel sets.

When disassembling an old diesel generator set, a low net empty hand chain hoist can be used to complete the operation. The disassembly steps of a diesel generator set are: disassembling external large accessories - disassembling the oil supply system - disassembling the cooling, lubrication, starting and charging system - disassembling the valve distribution mechanism, flywheel and gearbox cover plate - disassembling the cylinder head, loosening the cylinder head nut, removing the cylinder head, taking out the cylinder gasket - disassembling the piston connecting rod group and crankshaft - disassembling the cylinder sleeve - disassembling the AC synchronous generator. In this process, the low net empty hand chain hoist can be used to complete the movement of components, and it is also very convenient to use in low and limited space environments.

The above is the application of the low net empty hand chain hoist when dismantling diesel generator sets. If you also have similar needs, you can call us for consultation.

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