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Possible problems and solutions during the use of wire rope electric hoists

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The problems and solutions that may occur during the use of wire rope electric hoists are as follows:The steel wire rope of the electric hoist is stuck in the groove or the gap between the drum and the lifting motor. When encountering this problem, the traditional approach is to remove the motor and remove the wire rope, which is not only time-consuming but may also cause unnecessary damage to the equipment. Therefore, a retaining ring can be welded on the inner side of the electric hoist flange, which is very effective in handling the steel wire rope wrapping and will not affect the equipment. Even if there is wrapping phenomenon, it will only exist between the shell and the drum, making it very convenient to handle.The wire rope of the electric hoist has been cut. This may be caused by overloading, failure of the lifting limiter, or continued use of the steel wire rope after it has reached the scrap standard. At this point, the steel wire rope should be replaced or the plug repaired or replaced, and lifted as needed.The wire rope of the electric hoist is deformed. This is usually due to the lack of a rope guide, where the steel wire rope enters the gap at the end of the drum and is squeezed and deformed during random winding, or deformed during tilting. The solution is to install rope guide rails and strictly follow operating procedures.The wire rope of the electric hoist is worn. This may be due to the wear of the steel wire rope between the drum shells caused by the inclined lifting, or the improper selection of the steel wire rope, which is too large in diameter and does not match the rope groove. The solution is not to hang the wire rope diagonally during operation, and to choose the wire rope reasonably.I hope the above information can be helpful for you to understand and use wire rope electric hoists.

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