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Precautions before installing the pneumatic hoist

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When using pneumatic hoists, we need to pay more attention, so we need to pay more attention to the installation of pneumatic hoists.

 Otherwise, it is also a headache that the installed pneumatic hoists cannot meet the usage requirements

Inspection before installation

Firstly, appearance inspection

Before installation, it is necessary to inspect the appearance of the pneumatic hoist. 

The parts that need to be inspected include its casing, air pipe, brake system, and limit device. 

In addition to checking whether these parts are intact, the surface should also be checked for cracks, deformation, or signs of scratches.

 And it is also necessary to check the air valve and connector, as well as the control handle hook and chain, if these are missing, they are not acceptable.

2、 Preparation for installation

When preparing for installation, it is necessary to first check whether the connection between the slide rail of the pneumatic hoist and the I-beam is really firm.

 This directly affects the overall safety of use and must not be careless or overcoated. 

Moreover, during installation, the connecting nuts of some suspension components should also be checked for any signs of looseness. 

During the inspection, each nut should be re tightened.

3、 Precautions during installation

When installing the air inlet of the pneumatic hoist, an oil level device can be seen, which serves as a display device. 

This device can be used to understand the specific working conditions of the hoist during installation and use. 

Moreover, if this device is not installed, the hoist is prone to damage, so it must be installed. 

After installing the above devices, the oil output should be set at around 5 drops per minute, not too much.

 If there is too much, the gourd will have dripping oil.

The installation of pneumatic hoists is no longer a difficult problem, and many people have already mastered some basic knowledge about installation. 

However, when using equipment, it is still important to pay attention to safety.

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