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Procedure and requirements for static load test of wire rope electric hoist

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The procedure and requirements for static load testing of wire rope electric hoists are as follows:

1、 Program

Preparation stage:

Ensure that the electric hoist is correctly installed and fixed, and that all connecting components are securely attached.

Check the power system to ensure stable power supply.

Check the control system, including control buttons, switches, limiters, etc., to ensure that they function properly.

Empty load test:

Newly installed or dismantled electric hoists should first undergo several no-load test runs to check whether all components are intact, and to check whether the manual buttons are flexible and whether the direction of the buttons is consistent with the working direction of the electric hoist.

Static load test:

Use an electric hoist to lift the rated load (the rated load may vary depending on different uses, such as an 8 ton electric hoist for the supply fan and a 5 ton electric hoist for the powder discharge fan).

Lift the lifted load about 100mm off the ground and hang it still for 10 minutes.

Inspection results:

Check for cracks, damage, and abnormal phenomena in all parts of the electric hoist.

Pay special attention to checking the quality of bolt connections and welding at each connection of the metal structure of the lifting machinery, as well as the strength and rigidity of the mechanical equipment, metal structure, and lifting equipment.

2、 Requirements

Test conditions:

The experiment should be conducted under stable power supply and appropriate temperature conditions.

During the experiment, it should be ensured that there are no other external forces or factors affecting the operation of the electric hoist.

Safety requirements:

During the experiment, there should be dedicated personnel to supervise and ensure the safety of the testing process.

During the experiment, if any abnormal situations are found, the experiment should be stopped immediately, and inspection and handling should be carried out.

Record requirements:

During the experiment, detailed information such as the test conditions, process, and results should be recorded.

The test results should be clear and clear, including the safety, reliability, and other indicators of the electric hoist.

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