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Relevant standards for mining explosion-proof chain electric hoists

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The relevant standards for mining explosion-proof chain electric hoists can be summarized as follows:

1、 National standards

GB3836.1-2010 "Explosion proof Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments Part 1: General Requirements": This standard specifies the general requirements for explosion-proof electrical equipment used in explosive gas environments, including equipment classification, marking, temperature group, etc.

GB3836.2-2010 "Explosion proof Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments - Part 2: Explosion proof Type" d ": This standard is specifically designed for explosion-proof electrical equipment of type" d "and specifies in detail its structure, performance, test methods, and inspection rules.

GB12476.1-2000 Electrical Equipment for Combustible Dust Environments Part 1: Electrical Equipment with Enclosures and Restricted Surface Temperature Protection Section 1: Technical Requirements for Electrical Equipment: For electrical equipment used in combustible dust environments, this standard specifies the technical requirements for enclosure and surface temperature protection.

2、 Usage environment and parameters

Usage area division: Mining explosion-proof chain electric hoists are divided into factory explosion-proof dII and dI according to their usage areas.

Combined use: The explosion-proof chain electric hoist for mining can be used separately with the fixed suspension track under the mine.

Lifting capacity and working environment temperature: The lifting capacity of mining explosion-proof chain electric hoists is 1t-10t, and the working environment temperature is -20 ℃ -40 ℃.

3、 Structural characteristics

The BHH series explosion-proof chain electric hoist is mainly used for 660V power supply underground in coal mines, consisting of three parts: electric motor, reducer, and lifting mechanism.

The motor adopts YBEZ type mining explosion-proof conical brake motor, which has the characteristics of high braking torque and instantaneous braking when power is cut off.

4、 Other standards and requirements

Explosion proof electric hoists also need to comply with relevant explosion-proof levels and designs, such as using explosion-proof shells, sealing designs, and explosion-proof electrical components, to ensure safe operation in hazardous environments.

Explosion proof electric hoists should have clear explosion-proof markings for users to identify their explosion-proof level and applicable environment.

Explosion proof electric hoists should undergo strict explosion-proof testing, including tests on fire resistance, electrical performance, and mechanical performance.

Explosion proof electric hoists should have corresponding safety measures, such as overload protection, power outage protection, and emergency stop devices, to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

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