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Safety protection device and running trolley of wire rope electric hoist

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Regarding the safety protection device and operating trolley of the wire rope electric hoist:

1、 Safety protection devices

As an important lifting equipment, the safety protection device of the wire rope electric hoist is crucial. These safety devices ensure stability and safety during operation. Specific safety protection devices may include but are not limited to the following points:

Overload limiter: This device can detect the load situation of the electric hoist. When the load exceeds the set limit, it will automatically cut off the power or issue an alarm to prevent danger caused by overload.

Limit switch: The limit switch is used to limit the lifting and horizontal movement range of the electric hoist. When the electric hoist reaches the preset limit position, the limit switch will cut off the power to avoid collision between the electric hoist and the equipment or structure.

Brake: Electric hoists are usually equipped with a brake, which is used to quickly stop running in the event of a power outage or emergency to prevent accidents.

Electrical protection devices: such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and other electrical protection devices, can cut off the power supply in case of abnormalities in the electrical system, protecting equipment from damage.

2、 Running the trolley

The running car is an important component of the wire rope electric hoist, which carries the electric hoist horizontally along the track. The relevant information about running the car is as follows:

Structure: The running car is usually made of sturdy steel structure and can withstand the weight of the electric hoist and load.

Drive mode: The driving mode of the running car is usually electric, which drives the wheels to move on the track through the motor and reducer.

Wheel: The wheel is the contact component between the running car and the track, usually made of wear-resistant and impact resistant materials to ensure the smooth operation of the running car on the track.

Buffer device: Buffer devices, such as rubber buffer blocks, are usually installed at both ends of the running car to reduce impact and vibration when reaching both ends of the track.

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