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Summarize the operation process of electric hoist operators

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The operation process of electric elevator operators needs to follow a series of clear steps and precautions to ensure the safe operation and operational efficiency of the elevator. The following is a summary of the operation process of electric elevator operators:

preparation in advance

Security check:

Before operation, carefully check whether the power cord of the electric elevator is well grounded, whether the hydraulic oil level is sufficient, and whether all components are operating normally.

Check for air obstacles and high-voltage lines to ensure a safe distance between the platform and live high-voltage lines.

Work should be carried out on a solid and flat surface to ensure that the load and distribution on the platform comply with the manufacturer's regulations.

Equipment preparation:

Use the support legs or stabilizers according to the manufacturer's instructions and adjust the level of the support legs.

Fix the screws on the base of the telescopic oil cylinder to prevent problems during platform lifting.

Operation process

Power on:

Connect the power supply of the electric elevator correctly and ensure that the power cord is grounded.

Start the machine:

Press the start button and wait for the electric elevator to finish starting.

Rising and falling:

Use the lift button to control the rise and fall of the electric elevator.

During the lifting process, always pay attention to the operation status of the machine to ensure the safety of personnel and items.

When reaching the desired height, release the up button in a timely manner to stop the ascent; When it is necessary to descend, press the descent button and pay attention to the safety of personnel and items.

Stopping the machine:

After completing the task, press the stop button to stop the operation of the electric elevator in a timely manner.

Turn off the power and ensure that the device comes to a complete stop.

matters needing attention

Safe operation:

Operators must undergo professional training and hold relevant certificates, be familiar with the operating procedures and safety precautions of elevators.

Personnel on the platform should correctly fasten their seat belts and ensure a stable foothold.

Prohibit the exchange, modification, or disposal of safety devices.

Fault handling:

During the homework process, any malfunctions or malfunctions should be immediately eliminated before continuing to use.

Smooth operation:

During operation, it is important to maintain stability and avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration that may cause the goods to tilt or shake.

Regular inspections:

Regularly inspect the electric elevator to ensure that all components are operating properly and avoid malfunctions.

Environmental considerations:

Pay attention to the surrounding environment and ensure that the elevator does not collide with obstacles or high-voltage lines during operation.

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