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The Development of Pneumatic Hoists in the Construction Industry

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Pneumatic hoist is an ideal lifting tool, therefore it is also an indispensable tool during construction operations. 

The construction industry is a high-risk industry, especially in China where there are many employees and high mobility. 

The frontline workers are mainly migrant workers, and their overall quality needs to be improved. 

Their safety awareness is weak, and their basic operating skills are poor; 

The construction industry itself has complex conditions, is easily affected by the surrounding environment, and has fierce competition, fast construction speed, and low safety investment, which have become important factors that exacerbate construction safety issues.

When using pneumatic hoists in the construction industry, relevant personnel should be aware of the following usage guidelines. 

When lifting heavy objects and building materials, unqualified personnel are not allowed to use them.

 Before use, read the operating instructions thoroughly, and the lifting objects should not exceed the weight specified by the pneumatic hoist. 

The gas used by the pneumatic hoist should be clean and dry as much as possible, and the lifting should be kept stable.

 It is not allowed to pass under the objects being lifted, Do not linger on important transportation channels or walking channels, do not lift operators with pneumatic hoists, do not operate on unstable objects such as small carts, and do not climb lifting equipment. If there is a sudden storm during the operation, the operation should be stopped immediately. 

The brake of the pneumatic hoist's rotating mechanism should be completely released, so that the boom can rotate with the wind to avoid structural damage.

 For the pneumatic hoist crane with upward slewing pitch and variable amplitude.

The pneumatic hoist only needs compressed air to operate, which is more energy-efficient compared to traditional electric hoists.

 Air is everywhere, so there will be no sudden power outage that affects the operation of the pneumatic hoist, and there will be no danger of electric leakage or line aging. 

And for staff, it is much simpler and does not pose any danger, which can save some costs for the enterprise.

 The pneumatic hoist can achieve stepless speed regulation. 

Stepless speed regulation can achieve gentle handling of objects during lifting, accurate positioning, and low impact force. 

Reduce the loss of product accuracy, collision, etc. 

caused by the lifting process. 

Improve work efficiency and enhance the level of civilized production. 

Importantly, using pneumatic hoists in areas prone to fire in the construction industry can avoid this problem, as pneumatic hoists themselves have this explosion-proof function, making them very suitable for use in the construction industry.

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