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Do you know the characteristics and structural principles of pneumatic hoists

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Today we will talk about pneumatic hoists in detail. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of pneumatic hoists. 

Do you have any specific knowledge? 

Next, I will tell you about the characteristics and structural principles of pneumatic hoists.

Characteristics of pneumatic hoist

1. No explosion-proof requirements, completely solving the problem of lifting equipment

2. In order to save energy, compressed air can be used for cleaning production without any non environmental pollution caused by medium leakage.

3. It can operate continuously and frequently, with stable and reliable operation.

4. It can be operated without extreme speed, and the speed can be adjusted through manual adjustment valve, which is simple and sensitive.

5. 5 lifting organizations with overload protection devices to ensure normal gearbox operation.

6. Rapid and reliable braking ensures safe production.

Structural principle:

The pneumatic hoist assembly consists of three parts, including three gas distribution systems, one lifting organization, and two walking organizations.

The lifting organization includes pneumatic motor, planetary reducer, suspension assembly, brake, lifting chain, hook assembly, and main control valve. The lifting organization completed the lifting of the heavy object through the operation of the main control valve, and the lifting was carried out through the lifting of the opening and closing brakes. To ensure the positioning of the brake, the lifting organization can be fixed or placed under the walking organization for mobile application.

The walking organization adopts a pneumatic trolley, which is driven by a driving wheel, a driving wheel, a panel, a pneumatic motor, and a planetary reducer. The driving wheel is driven by the main control valve to reach the level of moving and lifting weight.

Using an air distribution system to compress air as the power source, control the air circuit to control the lifting and lowering of the pneumatic hoist.

So the above is its structure and characteristics. If you want to have a deeper understanding, you can consult our Hebei Mutian Lifting Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and we will answer your questions.

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