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The Safety Function of Low Voltage Control Circuit for Electric Hoists

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The safety functions of the low-voltage control circuit of electric hoists can be summarized and summarized from the following aspects:

Short circuit protection function:

When a short circuit occurs in the motor, the control equipment should be able to quickly cut off the circuit to prevent circuit burning or personal safety accidents.

Overload protection function:

Monitor the current changes of the motor, and once the current exceeds the preset value, cut off the circuit in a timely manner to prevent equipment damage or other safety issues caused by overload.

Soft start protection function:

For motors that require repeated starting or frequent speed changes, the soft start protection function can slowly start and speed the motor, avoiding problems caused by sudden voltage or current changes during startup.

Low voltage protection function:

When the voltage of the motor is low, its electromagnetic induction will weaken, leading to a decrease in the driving force of the motor and even damaging the motor components. Therefore, low voltage protection is essential.

The specific implementation methods include circuit protection method (cutting off motor power supply by closing the electromagnetic contactor), soft start (gradually increasing voltage to start the motor), and electronic low-voltage protection (detecting voltage and disconnecting motor power supply through the electronic control system).

Protection functions for temperature, pressure, voltage and other parameters:

Especially with the temperature protection function, it can monitor changes in motor temperature and stop the machine in a timely manner to avoid equipment damage or fire accidents caused by overheating.

Intelligent protection:

Electronic low-voltage protection can be adjusted according to actual conditions, suitable for motors that require long-term operation, making the protection more intelligent and flexible.

matters needing attention:

When selecting and applying low-voltage protection methods, it is necessary to consider the characteristics and environmental factors of different motors to ensure the selection of the most suitable protection method.

When using, it is necessary to follow the instructions for setting to ensure the effectiveness of protecting the motor.

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