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The application of electric hoist in the formwork support system of warehouse top steel truss

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The application of electric hoists in the top steel truss formwork support system of warehouses mainly focuses on the following aspects:

Lifting capacity:

The lifting capacity of the electric hoist needs to meet the weight requirements of the steel truss on the top of the warehouse. Ensure that the selected electric hoist can safely and stably lift and move the steel truss .

Accurate positioning and stability:

The electric hoist should have high positioning accuracy and be able to accurately lift the steel truss to the designated position. Meanwhile, during the lifting process, it is necessary to maintain the stability of the steel truss to prevent it from shaking or tilting.

Convenience of installation and disassembly:

The installation and dismantling of electric hoists should be convenient and fast to meet the rapid construction and dismantling requirements of the steel truss formwork support system at the top of the warehouse.

Safe operation:

When using an electric hoist, strict safety operating procedures must be followed to ensure the safety of operators and other workers. For example, before lifting, check whether the mechanical and electrical parts of the electric hoist are working properly, and set up safety warning signs.

Collaboration with other devices:

The construction of the steel truss formwork support system on the top of the warehouse may require collaboration with other equipment (such as cranes, cranes, etc.). Electric hoists should be able to effectively cooperate with other equipment to complete lifting tasks together.

Maintenance and upkeep:

Regularly maintain and upkeep the electric hoist to ensure it is in good working condition. This includes checking whether the steel wire rope, pulley, motor and other components of the electric hoist are damaged or worn, and replacing worn parts in a timely manner.

Consideration of on-site environment:

When selecting and using electric hoists, it is necessary to consider factors related to the on-site environment, such as the height, span, and ground conditions of the warehouse. Ensure that the electric hoist can adapt to the requirements of the on-site environment and safely complete the lifting task.

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