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The essential component of pneumatic hoist - reducer

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The essential component of the pneumatic hoist is the reducer, which supports the low speed shaft cantilever of the reducer. 

The left support supports the right end of the spherical roller bearing drum shaft, 

and the outer teeth are made into horns and mesh with the gear disc fixed in the inner teeth of the winding shaft to form a toothed coupling with large transmission torque and compensate for installation errors. 

The operating principle of hoisting and installing safety protection equipment.

 The operating speed of the pneumatic hoist is determined by its use and its operating speed is relatively high.

 The functional characteristics of the construction and "three in one" style job driven equipment. 

The "three in one" driving method indicates that the electric motor, brake, and reducer are integrated as a whole.

The output shaft of the wheel axle is hollow, and the key is sleeved on the wheel axle, so that the shaft is not coupled to the wheel axle. 

This structure has the advantages of small size, light weight, and compact structure, and can be easily replaced.

The organization of self resistance trajectory operations in stable operations consists of three components: frictional resistance, slope resistance, and wind resistance.

The driving wheel of the driving wheel does not slip: the driving force of the driving wheel is less than or equal to the adhesion force between the driving wheel and the trajectory.

 To prevent the sliding of the driving wheels, add the number of driving wheels to increase the pressure added and improve the adhesion; Configure to drive wheel pressure; 

The motor operation organization should be appropriately selected, and the power should not be too large; On the sand trajectory; Drive control slow start. 

External drive rotating equipment: The driving equipment of the rotating equipment does not rotate slightly with the rotation of the pneumatic elevator. 

Internal driving rotation organization: The driving equipment for organizing rotation follows the regulations for pneumatic hoist rotation.

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