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How to solve the problem of shaking during the operation of the pneumatic hoist

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The selection of pneumatic hoist should be in accordance with the requirements for the safe operation of lifting equipment. 

Employees have the responsibility to be careful, according to knowledge, to understand the correct use of pneumatic hoist methods and skills. 

Machinery and personnel should pay attention to the maintenance of the product, the ability to operate in this field is very important. 

The overall request includes: accurate and safe use of commonly used handmade things, as well as special things. Be aware of professional standards or acceptable safe operating procedures. 

Top method: cold drawn steel pipe as cylinder, top welded convex hole and appearance etc... Cylinders and lugs and some other options for direct casting molding, cast steel parts. 

The inner and outer surfaces of cast steel can not be cracked, such as air holes and cracks.

 The method is then used to treat the outer surface of the inner hole of the above method. 

Because the appearance of the request is not high, the request of the cast parts can usually be satisfied. 

The third method is the formation of the cold-drawn tube after purchase, the diameter of the cold-drawn tube is 170x5mm, and the inner hole size is 160mm.

How to control the pneumatic hoist load slosh problem? Let's explain:

Do not allow lifting loads near the end of the beam to operate on one side. 

Lifting shake will hit people and objects or fall, will lead to death or serious injuries and other major accidents.

 If the load shakes, the more violent, the car is more difficult to operate, and accompanied by danger.

 In principle, the load should not be swayed horizontally. 

Therefore, follow the steps below. Horizontal motion so that it starts gradually do not lift the load sharply when starting and stopping the horizontal movement of the chain pneumatic hoist,

 even when the above operation will be operated, the load can be removed from the load.

 At this point, if the following operations are satisfied, the swinging lifting load can be lowered.

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