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The harm of overloading electric hoists should not be underestimated

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The hazards of overloaded electric hoists cannot be ignored. The following are the main hazards that overloaded electric hoists may bring, and detailed explanations are provided based on the information in relevant reference articles:

Damage to the structure of electric hoists:

Overloading operations may cause the main beam of the electric hoist to bend downwards, leading to the deviation of the main beam and posing serious accident hazards to the safe operation of the electric hoist.

In severe cases, the deflection of the main beam can cause deformation of the trolley track, resulting in the need for the trolley to overcome additional resistance during operation, and may even burn out the motor of the running mechanism.

Overloading may also cause serious problems such as cracks and open welding on the front and rear cover plates and beam ends of the crane, causing irreversible damage to the crane structure.

Damage to transmission components and motors:

Overloading operations can cause excessive pressure on transmission components, leading to damage such as gear breakage, chain breakage, etc.

When the motor operates under overload, it will withstand excessive current and torque, which may lead to serious consequences such as overheating and burning of the motor.

Impact on stability and safety:

Overloading operations can disrupt the stability of electric hoists, making them prone to shaking during operation, and may even lead to malignant accidents such as complete machine overturning.

Overloading can also cause the car to slip during operation, affecting the accuracy and safety of lifting operations.

Damage to wire ropes and hooks:

Overloading operations may cause the steel wire rope to bear excessive tension, exceeding its allowable range, leading to wire rope breakage, causing serious consequences such as heavy objects falling and casualties.

The hook may also break under overload, further increasing the risk of accidents.

Brake system failure:

Overloading may cause a decrease in braking torque or brake failure, making it difficult for the electric hoist to brake in a timely manner when stopped, increasing the risk of accidents.

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