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The lifting position of heavy objects in the daily use precautions of the lever hoists

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The use of a lever gourd is very common in daily life, and it is a powerful assistant for lifting heavy objects and handling goods. But if you cannot use the lever gourd correctly, not only will it not be able to help you, but it may also be helpful to you. Now let's take a look at how to correctly lift heavy objects. How to use a lever hoist to lift heavy objects

Some people think that lifting heavy objects is not easy, just hang the lower hook firmly with the heavy object. But have you ever thought about what we should do if the heavy object is not directly below the hook? Can the hook be directly tilted and hung on a heavy object? The answer is definitely not possible, because doing so would cause the chain to shake and pose a danger. But if we move the heavy object under the hook, it will feel heavy. So, the best approach at this point is to move the lever gourd. Because the manual hoist is usually combined with a monorail car, you can pull the manual hoist and move it directly above the heavy object. Hang it with the heavy object to lift it.

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