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The main reason for the slipping of the chain hoist is due to the influence of the friction plate

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When it comes to the main cause of chain hoist sliding, although the influence of friction plates is a factor, multiple other aspects need to be considered. The following is a point wise representation and summary of the reasons for the sliding of chain cranes:

Insufficient friction:

The friction coefficient between the friction plate or chain and the contact surface of the object is insufficient, especially in humid or lubricated environments, which will further reduce the friction coefficient and cause sliding.

If the tension of the chain is insufficient or the surface quality of the sprocket is poor, it can also affect the friction between the chain and sprocket, increasing the risk of sliding.

Improper operation:

The operator may not have set up or used the chain crane correctly, such as improper selection of lifting equipment, incorrect operation methods, etc., which may cause the goods to slide.

Dynamic load:

When lifting goods, vibrations and shaking caused by wind or other dynamic loads can pose a risk of cargo sliding.

Factors related to the goods themselves:

If the goods themselves are inclined or unbalanced when lifted, it can cause the goods to slip.

The bottom of the goods may not have sufficient friction, especially in humid environments, which can easily lead to sliding.

Device status:

The hydraulic and electrical systems of the chain crane must be in good condition, otherwise it may cause unstable movement and affect stability.

Environmental factors:

Poor site conditions, such as insufficient ground hardness and unevenness, can affect the stability of the chain crane.

Weather conditions such as rain, ice and snow can weaken the friction between tires and the ground, increasing the risk of sliding.

To prevent the sliding of chain cranes, the following measures can be taken:

Choose appropriate lifting equipment and ensure correct operation methods.

Use materials or equipment with higher friction coefficients in humid or lubricated environments.

Inspect and maintain the various conditions of the chain crane to ensure that it is in good working condition.

Choose a suitable site for construction and consider the impact of weather conditions.

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