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The main safety technical measures for lifting large equipment with electric hoists in narrow spaces

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When using electric hoists to lift large equipment in narrow spaces, a series of strict safety technical measures need to be taken to ensure the safety and smooth progress of the operation. The following are some main security measures:

1、 Develop a detailed lifting plan

Plan formulation: Based on the actual situation of the project, strictly and meticulously formulate the lifting plan. This includes specifying the specific steps of lifting, required equipment, personnel configuration, safety measures, etc.

Multi party review: After the lifting plan is formulated, multiple parties should be organized to conduct a review to ensure the rationality and feasibility of the plan. The review personnel should include technical personnel, safety management personnel, operators, etc.

2、 Ensure equipment performance is intact

Check the electric hoist: Before lifting, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out on the electric hoist to ensure its performance is intact and free from faults. The inspection includes the motor, transmission mechanism, braking system, steel wire rope or chain, etc.

Inspection of lifting equipment: Lifting equipment such as steel wire ropes, hooks, etc. should also be strictly inspected to ensure that they are free from wear, breakage, and other safety hazards.

3、 Conduct trial lifting and joint safety inspections

Trial lifting: Before formal lifting, a trial lifting should be carried out. The purpose of the trial lifting is to check whether the lifting of the electric hoist is smooth and whether the control chain mechanism is normal.

Joint safety inspection: When the equipment is just lifted off the ground, the lifting ears, steel wire ropes, support beams, and other stress conditions should be jointly inspected to ensure that there are no abnormalities before proceeding to the next construction step.

4、 Safety control during operation

Smooth lifting and landing: During the lifting process, it is necessary to ensure the smooth lifting and landing of large equipment to avoid jerking or impact. This can be achieved by controlling the speed and acceleration of the electric hoist.

Avoiding collisions: During transportation and lifting, care should be taken to ensure that the equipment does not collide with other objects such as steel structures, nearby equipment and pipelines, buildings, etc.

Personnel safety: Ensure that surrounding personnel stay away from the lifting area to avoid accidental injuries. Operators should maintain good physical condition and focus, without being affected by fatigue, alcohol, or medication.

5、 Emergency response measures

Fault handling: Operators should be familiar with common electric hoist faults and emergency response methods, and be able to quickly take appropriate measures. In case of lifting weight detachment, equipment failure or other emergency situations, the operation should be stopped immediately and relevant personnel should be notified.

Emergency rescue: Develop an emergency rescue plan to ensure that rescue work can be quickly organized in the event of an unexpected situation.

6、 Training and Qualification

Operator training: Operators must have relevant training and qualifications to understand the operating principles and safety requirements of electric hoists. They should be familiar with the control devices and able to operate the equipment correctly.

Regularly updating knowledge: Operators should receive relevant training and update their knowledge regularly to adapt to the requirements of new technologies and standards.

7、 Other precautions

Technical briefing: Before the lifting work begins, each unit should do a good job of technical briefing, clarifying the construction process, safety requirements, and precautions.

Environmental inspection: Carefully inspect the environment of the construction site to ensure that there are no potential safety hazards such as wires and obstacles. If necessary, consultation should be conducted with relevant management units and necessary safety measures should be taken.

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