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The relevant explosion-proof principles and application prospects of explosion-proof electric hoist cranes

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The relevant explosion-proof principles of explosion-proof electric hoist cranes

Electrical equipment and circuits:

Explosion proof electric hoists often use explosion-proof "d" electrical equipment and cable wiring in high-voltage equipment and circuits. For example, large and small vehicles, as well as lifting motors, electrical control cabinets, and main power switches, all use this type of equipment.

In weak current equipment and circuits, intrinsically safe explosion-proof electrical equipment such as signal and overload devices are used.

The non intrinsic safety wiring of explosion-proof electric hoists generally uses rubber sheathed circular cables and clamping nut type entry devices, such as power circuits, control circuits, etc.

Spark control:

In situations with higher explosion-proof levels, such as IIB or IIC, spark free materials such as stainless steel or copper will be used to control sparks in friction areas.

Explosion proof steel wire rope (loop chain) electric hoists and explosion-proof electric single beam cranes usually use explosion-proof electric motors with internal brakes.

Static electricity and high temperature control:

Electrostatic sparks achieve explosion-proof by limiting the surface resistance of materials that generate static electricity or by using conductive adhesive, conductive paint, and other methods.

Eliminating high temperatures is achieved by placing high-temperature components inside explosion-proof enclosures or using methods such as heat dissipation and lubricating oil to achieve explosion-proof performance.

Application prospects of explosion-proof electric hoist cranes

Market demand growth:

With the increasing number of hazardous workplaces, the production and sales of explosion-proof electric hoists will continue to maintain a high growth rate.

The increasing number of major projects such as coal, natural gas, oil, and fine processing has provided broad market prospects for explosion-proof electric hoists.

Product quality improvement:

The explosion-proof safety quality of explosion-proof electric hoists will be further improved, and some hoists with low explosion-proof levels will gradually be phased out by the market.

The quality management of explosion-proof electrical products by the state and government will be stricter and more valued, and the production license system will be strengthened.

Complete sets of equipment are popular:

The complete set of explosion-proof electric hoist equipment will be chosen and favored by users, such as explosion-proof monorail cars.

Industry development trends:

The future explosion-proof electric hoist industry will continue to develop, with further improvements in technology and product quality to meet the market's demand for efficient, safe, and reliable explosion-proof lifting equipment.

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