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The superiority of pneumatic hoist

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Pneumatic hoist, also known as electric hoist, is an upgraded product of hand hoist because it has the following advantages compared to electric hoist and hand hoist: higher safety: pneumatic hoist uses compressed air as the working medium. When working without sparks or electric shock, it has advantages such as fire prevention, explosion prevention, humidity, and high temperature. Strong environmental adaptability, able to work safely in harsh environments such as high labor intensity, dust, flammable, explosive, and humid environments. More stable and efficient movement: Electric hoists have fluctuating working voltage and are difficult to control, while pneumatic hoists have soft and adjustable working medium performance, thus achieving a more stable operating state. In addition, the operating speed of the pneumatic hoist is about 4 times that of the electric hoist, and the moving efficiency is higher. More convenient operation and maintenance: In terms of structure, pneumatic motors do not require many components to prevent electric sparks, making the structure simpler and more compact; Pipeline cable wiring, using simple pipes instead of cumbersome and without the need for specialized operations; Maintenance, pneumatic hoist maintenance does not require experienced technical personnel, ordinary employees undergo simple training, maintenance and other work. Longer service life: High machining accuracy of parts, long service life. In addition, under normal operation at 60 ℃, it can be used, making it suitable for frequent work under high temperature conditions and with a long service life. Due to the above advantages, the use of pneumatic hoists is very widespread, especially in the following two situations where they are frequently used. The working hours during frequent lifting and lowering, such as up and down work of machine tools, assembly work, such as lifting accessories, assembly line operations, etc; More precise positioning is required for occasions such as core casting, packaging boxes, etc., which have strict environmental requirements, such as safety, explosion-proof, clean, and pollution-free occasions in chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, etc. The working environment for the above two situations is special, and ordinary cranes, electric hoists, or robotic arms cannot meet the requirements. Even if these devices are used, the cost risk is also high.

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