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Usage of explosion-proof electric hoist

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Many people know that in some environments with explosive gases, explosion-proof electric hoists need to be used. 

So in which environments are these gases present? Where do you need to use explosion-proof electric hoists?

Explosion proof electric hoists can be used in non mining working faces used in Class I explosion-proof coal mines and in places suitable for Class II explosion-proof flammable gases with Class IIA, IIB, and IIC, and temperature groups T1-T4, or explosive gas mixtures composed of steam and air.

The explosion-proof electric hoist can be divided into three levels of explosion-proof and four levels of explosion-proof. 

A single explosion-proof electric hoist is suitable for use when there is an explosive mixture of flammable materials, steam, and air specified in Table 1 in the factory building;

 This series of four level explosion-proof hoists is suitable for lifting heavy objects on I-beam rails when there is an explosive mixture of combustible gases, steam, and air specified in Table 1 in the factory building, and can move back and forth in a straight or curved line along the rails to ensure sufficient safety.

The test temperature for explosion-proof electric hoists is -20~+40 ℃, with an altitude below 1000m and a relative humidity of 85% (20 ± 5 ℃). 

The explosion-proof electric hoist has a compact structure, light weight, small volume, and large lifting capacity. 

When the factory is filled with explosive mixtures, it is a powerful tool to improve labor conditions and increase labor productivity while ensuring safety. 

Therefore, it becomes a necessary mechanical equipment in a reasonable process.

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