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What are the advantages of pneumatic hoists reflected in

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Pneumatic hoist is a type of explosion-proof lifting equipment and is also widely used in the lifting industry. Because it not only effectively improves work efficiency, but also has many advantages such as stability, reliability, and good explosion-proof performance, it is highly favored. The following editor summarizes its several major advantages for everyone:

1、 Advantages in terms of usage

When it comes to the advantages of using pneumatic hoists, one thing that needs to be mentioned first is that they are easy to use. The reason for this is because pneumatic hoists are controlled by a pull rod, which can quickly sound the output of the handle during lifting or lowering operations, and can perform stepless speed regulation. When running at a fast speed, they are three times faster than electric hoists and 5-10 times faster than hand hoists. Another important advantage of homework is accurate positioning, which can even accurately locate the load to "centimeters". Its installation form can be combined with a cantilever crane or guide rail to achieve movement.

2、 Performance advantages

The pneumatic hoist is an upgraded product of the electric hoist, which not only has a more beautiful appearance, but also has a smaller volume and lighter weight. The structural design of the product is more solid, so it is more reliable to use and requires less maintenance. It can also work in special or harsh environments such as moisture, humidity, and high dust. Its internal lubrication system can remove air pollution, making it cleaner and more environmentally friendly. There is also a gas cut-off protection setting, which can effectively prevent the sudden interruption of the gas source from causing the load to fall. This design further ensures the quality of the product, thereby eliminating the troubles caused by end users' lifting or detachment. Another point is that it is more durable and has a significantly longer lifespan than similar products.

3、 Advantages in application

Due to the advantages of high frequency and continuously variable speed, pneumatic hoists can be widely used in various industries, such as manufacturing industries such as automobiles, tractors, motors, refrigerators, and logistics. It is clearly stipulated that they must be mandatory in flammable and explosive situations such as petroleum, chemical, automotive, and mining.

The above is an introduction to the advantages of pneumatic hoists. I hope more people can have a better understanding of this type of equipment and use it to improve production efficiency in their work, and receive practical assistance.

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