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What should we pay attention to when lifting different materials with a beam lifting machine

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When using a beam elevator (usually referred to as a type of material elevator) to lift different materials, the following points need to be noted:

Operator training:

Operators must receive relevant training on how to correctly start, stop, adjust, and maintain equipment .

Operators should hold relevant certificates and qualifications.

Equipment inspection:

Before each use, the equipment should be inspected to ensure that the wires, controllers, sensors, and safety devices are intact and undamaged.

Check if the protective cover and door are properly installed.

Load limit:

Understand and follow the maximum load limit of material elevators to avoid overloading operations .

Choose appropriate lifting methods and parameters based on the weight and size of different materials .

Operation process:

Before lifting an item, it is necessary to confirm whether the weight and size of the item are suitable for the carrying capacity and working range of the hoist.

When lifting items, they should be firmly placed on the workbench of the hoist and ensure that there is no risk of collision between the items and the hoist.

Operators should be focused and strictly prohibited from being distracted or leaving the operating area for a long time.

Follow the operating procedures and strictly prohibit unauthorized changes in operating methods.

Safety devices:

Ensure that the safety devices equipped with the hoist, such as limit switches and emergency stop buttons, are in normal working condition.

If any safety devices are found to be malfunctioning or damaged, they should be immediately stopped from use and reported for repair.

Maintenance and upkeep:

Regularly lubricate and maintain the hoist to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life .

Follow the maintenance manual provided by the equipment manufacturer for maintenance.

Material characteristics:

According to the characteristics of different materials (such as tilting, wear, etc.), choose the appropriate type and method of elevator (such as gravity discharge, forced discharge, continuous or intermittent) .

Environment and Safety:

Ensure that the operating area is clean and unobstructed to ensure the personal safety of operators and other workers .

During the operation, maintain clear vision and avoid standing under the lifted object or any position where the object may fall.

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