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What to do with an out of control chain electric hoist

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What should we do when using a chain electric hoist to lose control?

 Next, I will tell you the reasons for the operation failure of the chain electric hoist, mainly including the following:

1. Not connected to the power supply: A test pen needs to be used for testing.

 If no power is found during the test, it indicates that the problem has been resolved. 

After connecting to the power supply, the work can proceed.

2. Internal short circuit or poor contact of the brake switch: A specialized electrician is required to test and confirm that there are no faults in the power circuit before commissioning.

3. Not connected to the rated voltage: You can use a voltage or multimeter for testing to determine. 

If this is the case, you only need to wait for the voltage to be normal before putting it into normal use.

4. Wrong phase connection of the power line: After being wrongly connected, it will cause the phase protection function to activate and therefore cannot be operated. 

Two phase power lines need to be swapped with each other.

5. The control circuit or power fuse of the chain electric hoist is burnt out: replace the fuse.

6. The electric hoist motor makes a sound but does not rotate: check if the motor phase is accurate, maintain and perform insulation actions.

7. Broken or poorly connected power or control circuit wires: Repair or replace broken or poorly connected wires.

8. Poor contact of the contactor or short circuit of the coil: Manually operate the hoist. 

If the chain electric hoist operates normally, it indicates that there is a poor contact of the control coil or wire. 

Find the location of the poor contact and repair it.

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