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What working environments are suitable for pneumatic hoists

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As the saying goes, every machine has its purpose, its working environment, and scope of application. 

Do you know the applicable work of pneumatic hoists?

Pneumatic hoist is currently an ideal explosion-proof lifting equipment on the market. 

It can achieve stepless speed regulation, and also has the characteristics of fast working speed and high safety performance.

 Therefore, it is widely used in flammable, explosive, high temperature, high dust, and highly corrosive workplaces such as chemical, textile, painting, logistics, and docks in industrialized countries abroad. 

Due to its high frequency and continuously variable speed characteristics, it is highly favored by manufacturing industries such as automobiles, tractors, motors, refrigerators, and logistics industries with high production and strong continuous operation. 

Pneumatic hoists have been widely used in various industries, with a load-bearing range ranging from 250 kilograms to 30 tons depending on the model. 

The pneumatic hoist can be driven by providing compressed air at a certain pressure, achieving low energy consumption and high efficiency. 

It also has a gas cut-off protection function, ensuring that the workpiece does not fall or fall in case of sudden gas cut-off.

Pneumatic hoists are suitable for occasions with strict quality requirements, greatly ensuring human safety.

 Life safety is a major concern for each of us, so we must not use machinery in incorrect places. 

We must use equipment where it is truly needed to ensure work efficiency.

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