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Where is the running type wire rope electric hoist suspended for work

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The running wire rope electric hoist typically hangs from a supporting structure or mounting point, which can vary depending on the specific application and requirements. Here are some common methods of hanging or mounting a running wire rope electric hoist:

Beam or Girder: One of the most common mounting methods is hanging the hoist from a horizontal beam or girder using a suspension lug or beam clamp. The hoist is typically secured to the beam with bolts or fasteners, providing a stable and secure mounting point.

Trolley: In applications where horizontal movement of the hoist is required, it may be mounted on a trolley. The trolley travels along a track or beam installed overhead, allowing the hoist to move laterally to position the load as needed.

Fixed Mounting: In some cases, the hoist may be fixed-mounted directly to a support structure, such as a wall or column. This method is suitable for applications where the lifting height and position are fixed, and no horizontal movement of the hoist is required.

Ceiling Mount: In facilities with limited floor space or where overhead clearance is a concern, the hoist may be mounted directly to the ceiling. This method maximizes available workspace and allows for efficient use of the floor area.

Specialized Supports: Depending on the specific requirements of the application, specialized supports or mounting arrangements may be used to hang the hoist. This could include custom-designed support structures or gantry systems for unique lifting scenarios.

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