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Why can't we arbitrarily lengthen the chain of the chain hoist

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We cannot arbitrarily extend the chain of the chain crane for the following reasons:

Security considerations:

The design of a chain crane is based on specific load capacity and working conditions. If the chain is arbitrarily extended, it may exceed the design load of the crane, leading to safety hazards during use, such as chain breakage and structural damage to the crane.

Having the same length is a prerequisite for ensuring stable lifting when using multiple lifting chains for lifting. Even slight differences can lead to tilting of the lifting target, significantly increasing the safety hazards of the entire lifting operation.

Functional limitations:

The chain length of a chain crane is usually designed based on its application scenario and work requirements. An excessively long chain may reduce the efficiency of the crane, increase operational difficulty, and even cause the crane to malfunction.

For fixed or adjustable hand drawn cranes, there are limitations on their lifting height and chain length. If the chain is too long, it may exceed the maximum lifting height of the crane, resulting in the inability to complete the lifting task.

Difficulties in maintenance and upkeep:

Extending the chain arbitrarily may increase the difficulty of maintenance and upkeep of the crane. An excessively long chain may increase the risk of wear and damage, requiring more frequent inspection and replacement.

The measurement of the length of the lifting chain is a very important part of daily maintenance and upkeep. A stable length always ensures the safety of lifting operations. If the chain length is not appropriate, it may affect the stability and safety of the crane.

Compliant with standards and regulations:

In some countries and regions, there are strict standards and regulations for the design and use of cranes. Extending the chain arbitrarily may violate these standards and regulations, resulting in the inability of the crane to obtain legal usage permits or certifications.

Therefore, when using a chain crane, we should follow the manufacturer's recommendations and regulations and not arbitrarily extend the chain. If it is necessary to increase the lifting height or load capacity of the crane, a suitable crane model or corresponding accessories and equipment should be selected. At the same time, we should also regularly maintain and upkeep the crane to ensure its safe, stable, and efficient operation.

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