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500kg pneumatic manned winch

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    pneumatic manned winch

    The human powered pneumatic winch is a device that uses a pneumatic motor as the power and drives a drum through a built-in planetary reduction mechanism to achieve lifting or traction. It is mainly used for land or offshore oil operations and can be used for both human and cargo lifting purposesDouble design coefficient, 8:1 design coefficient for carrying passengers; 5: 1 design factor is used for loading. The ratio of drum diameter to cable diameter is as low as 18:1, which can prevent cable wear.1. The winch adopts a drum dual support structure, and the rope end is fixed in a safe and reliable manner;2. The winch deceleration system adopts a built-in planetary deceleration mechanism (drum);3. The braking system of the winch adopts two braking forms: built-in full disc air cutoff braking and external handbrake braking; Sealed automatic full disc brake, which can resist the erosion of salt mist, dust or moisture. Manual drum mounted belt brake, the operator can implement the brake;4. The winch can achieve two control forms: local operation and remote control operation. Both control forms must simultaneously have multiple safety protection measures such as slack rope protection, overload protection, limit protection, emergency stop protection, air cut-off braking, and safety release:(1) Loose rope protection: When the person or object being lifted comes into contact with the support surface and the sling continues to descend for a small distance, the system will automatically stop the sling from lowering to prevent injury to the person or object;(2) Overload protection: When the load exceeds the rated load or the set load, the winch will not be able to operate under overload;(3) Limit protection: The control system is equipped with upper and lower limit devices. When the winch is raised or lowered beyond the set upper and lower positions, the winch will stop running to avoid injury;(4) Emergency stop protection: When the operation loses control or encounters other emergency situations, the "stop button" can be quickly pressed to interrupt the gas supply to avoid accidents. After pressing the "stop button", it has a self-locking function, and even if it accidentally pops up, it cannot restore gas supply. Only by pressing the "start button" can normal gas supply be restored;(5) Air cut-off braking (built-in wet air cut-off braking): When the air supply system is interrupted due to pipeline explosion or other reasons, the winch will automatically implement braking to avoid personal injury or other losses;(6) Safety release function: When the winch stops working unexpectedly, it should be able to lower the loaded person or object to a safe position.




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