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Cold-resistant manual crane has strong cold resistance and is easily suitable for cold environments

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    The working principle of a cold-resistant manual crane is generally similar to that of a standard manual crane, but with modifications and materials that make it suitable for use in cold environments. Here are the key components and working principles of a cold-resistant manual crane:

    Structural Components:

    Frame and Structure: The crane has a sturdy frame and structure designed to withstand the mechanical stresses associated with lifting and moving loads.

    Boom or Jib: The boom or jib extends from the crane to provide reach and flexibility in lifting loads.

    Hoisting Mechanism:

    Manual Chain Hoist: Cold-resistant manual cranes often feature a manual chain hoist for lifting and lowering loads. This hoist is operated by pulling a hand chain, which is connected to a lifting mechanism.

    Cold-Resistant Materials: Components of the hoisting mechanism, such as the chain and gears, are made from materials that can withstand low temperatures without becoming brittle or losing functionality.

    Lifting and Lowering:

    Lifting: When the operator pulls the hand chain, it engages the hoisting mechanism, causing the load to be lifted off the ground.

    Lowering: Releasing tension on the hand chain allows the load to be lowered in a controlled manner.

    Trolley System:

    Trolley: Some manual cranes are equipped with a trolley system that allows horizontal movement along the crane's beam. This adds versatility to the crane's operation.

    Manual Trolley Operation: The operator can move the trolley manually to position the load accurately.

    Braking System:

    Brake Mechanism: A braking system is incorporated to ensure that the load remains stationary when the hand chain is not being operated.

    Cold-Resistant Brakes: In cold-resistant manual cranes, the brake system is designed to function effectively in low temperatures.

    Safety Features:

    Overload Protection: Many cranes have overload protection mechanisms to prevent lifting loads beyond the crane's rated capacity.

    Emergency Stop: An emergency stop feature may be included for immediate cessation of crane operation in case of an emergency.

    Cold-Resistant Lubrication:

    Lubrication: Lubrication points are essential for smooth operation. Cold-resistant cranes use lubricants that remain effective in low temperatures.

    When operating a cold-resistant manual crane, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for usage, maintenance, and safety. Regular inspections and proper lubrication are important to ensure the crane functions reliably in cold environments.




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