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The difference between wire rope lever hoist and Chain lever

The difference between wire rope pulling hoist and chain pulling hoist

1. Scope of application:

Wire rope handle hoist is suitable for operation and use in narrow area where local space is limited.For field work and high-altitude work, the pit sm-618 type steel wire rope hand hoist deep well work and no mechanical and electrical power supply sites for lifting operations will show special advantages.

2. Working principle:

Wire rope hand pulling hoist is through the manual pulling handle, with the help of lever principle to obtain the linear traction matching with the load, acting on a clamp body of the movement load in rotation, running with the support load.

3. Method of use

Put forward (backward) handle pull to the machine after first, then push loose before unloading the handle to the machine, the wedge and cocaine into the casing the steps above, at this time before and after the clamp body is opening, the upper and lower clamp can wear (smoke), then use hand to press forward push loose unloading handle, can make the clamp clamping wire rope (or reset) can be put into operation.

2. Novel structure

This machine adopts high strength aluminum alloy body, beautiful appearance, compact body, small volume and light weight.Adopt double gear transmission, high speed grade is helical gear transmission, so the transmission is stable and the noise is small.

3. High strength of parts

The main parts and components of the machine are made of high grade alloy steel and processed by special heat treatment process.The upper and lower hooks are made of high strength alloy steel and have high toughness after strengthened heat treatment.Even if the body is damaged due to overload, the hooks will only produce plastic deformation without brittle fracture.

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