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Common faults and troubleshooting of endless chain electric

After long-term use or improper operation, the endless chain electric hoist may have various faults. Now, makutian crane has sorted out the following common faults, causes and troubleshooting methods for you:

[1] the reason why the motor does not rotate when the button is pressed:

1. The power is not connected 2. The wiring is broken or loose 3. Switch failure 4. Capacitor damage 5.(rising button fails) limit frame is not reset or travel switch fails 6. Emergency stop switch not reset (PA1000)

Exclusion method:

1. Switch on the power 2. Check wiring and repair 3. Repair or replace the switch 4. Replace the capacitor 5. Check the limit frame or change the travel switch 6. Reset the emergency stop switch

[2] the motor is noisy when the button is pressed by hand, so it cannot start normally.

1. Too low power supply voltage 2. Capacitor damage 3. Poor switch contact

Exclusion method:

1. Adjust the power supply voltage 2.Replace the capacitor 3. Repair or replace the switch

[3] causes of excessive noise:

1. Poor lubrication 2. Gear or bearing damage 3. Good assembly or bump after disassembly

Exclusion method:

1. Add enough grease 2. Check and replace gears or bearings 3. Re-inspect the assembly parts and repair the bump parts

[4] electric reason of housing:

1. Grounding failure or no grounding 2. Internal conductors are grounded to the south housing

Exclusion method:

1. Check and repair the grounding wire

Inspect and repair internal wiring

[5] the reason why the limit mechanism fails and the lifting instruction is contrary to the execution result:

Improper operation of the wire rope caused reverse winding in the rope barrel

Exclusion method:

Press the rise switch to lower the hook to the bottom and the wire rope is completely free from the rope barrel, and then start to work normally.

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