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A Brief Discussion on the Standards for Judging the Scrap of Main Components of Chain Electric Hoists

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When discussing the scrapping standards for the main components of chain electric hoists, we need to pay attention to the performance, durability, and safety factors of their key components. The following are some possible standards based on the general characteristics of chain drive motors, industrial application standards, and safety regulations:

Chain performance standards:

Chain sag: When the chain is freely suspended, the difference in distance between the centerline of the sprocket and the lower surface of the chain should usually be maintained within the standard range of 2% -3% of the chain center distance. If the chain sags too much, it may indicate excessive stretching or wear of the chain, and replacement should be considered.

Chain tightness: The standard for chain tightness is generally measured by the distance between the long axis of the chain and the perpendicular line of two adjacent chain links, and should be maintained within the standard range of 1% to 3%. A chain that is too tight may cause distortion, while a chain that is too loose is prone to impact and noise.

Chain wear: The degree of chain wear is an important indicator to determine whether it needs to be scrapped. A severely worn chain may lead to reduced transmission efficiency, weakened load-bearing capacity, or even breakage.

Motor performance standards:

Output power: If the output power of the motor is significantly lower than the design standard, it may indicate that there is an internal fault or aging of the motor, which requires maintenance or replacement.

Operating noise: The noise level during motor operation is also an important indicator for judging its performance. Abnormal noise may indicate internal faults or wear in the motor.

Safety standards:

Breaking strength: The breaking strength of the chain must meet the requirements of relevant safety regulations to ensure that it will not break under rated load.

Safety devices: Chain electric hoists should be equipped with necessary safety devices, such as overload protection, emergency braking, etc., to ensure safety in abnormal situations.

Maintenance and usage records:

Maintenance records: The maintenance records of chain electric hoists can reflect their usage status and performance changes. If frequent malfunctions or performance degradation occur, it may be necessary to consider scrapping.

Service life: The service life of a chain electric hoist is also a reference factor for determining whether it needs to be scrapped. Equipment that has been used for a long time may have issues such as material aging and performance degradation.

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