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Important measures for emergency handling of electric hoists

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For emergency handling of electric hoists, the following are some important measures to ensure quick and effective response in emergency situations:

1、 Quick alarm

Once an electric hoist safety accident occurs, the alarm number should be immediately dialed to notify relevant departments and personnel to ensure timely rescue of the accident.

2、 Cut off the power supply

If safe operation is possible, the power supply of the electric hoist should be immediately cut off to prevent accidents from escalating and secondary injuries.

3、 Isolation site

Evacuate nearby personnel to a safe area and set up warning lines to prevent unrelated personnel from entering the accident site, in order to reduce the occurrence of secondary accidents.

4、 Distribute first aid items

Distribute first aid kits, firefighting equipment, and other first aid items to professionals so that they can provide first aid and rescue to the injured.

5、 Emergency response measures for different types of accidents

Accident of bearing capacity exceeding limit:

Immediately stop the operation of the electric hoist and unload the overloaded object.

Report the situation where the carrying capacity exceeds the limit to the person in charge or the security department.

Overtime use accident:

Timely suspend the use of electric hoists.

Stop the machine and inspect the brake, gearbox, motor and other components of the electric hoist. Only after confirming that they are normal can they be used.

Sliding rope accident:

Immediately stop the operation of the electric hoist.

Report the malfunction of the gourd to the person in charge or the security department.

Before maintenance personnel arrive, nearby workers should be evacuated and any possible danger should be avoided as much as possible.

Fault accident occurred:

Promptly notify maintenance personnel to carry out repairs, replace necessary parts or equipment.

After the repair is completed, it can be used again.

6、 Develop an emergency response plan for electric hoists

Developing an emergency response plan for electric hoists is a necessary measure to prevent accident risks, ensure personal safety, and ensure equipment safety.

The emergency response plan should enhance the ability of enterprises and employees to respond to emergency situations, promote the construction of enterprise safety culture, enhance the safety awareness and cultural atmosphere of enterprises, effectively avoid safety hazards, reduce economic losses of enterprises, and protect the rights and interests of enterprises and employees.

7、 Training and Education

Regularly provide safety operation training and emergency response training for employees on electric hoists to ensure that they can proficiently master the operating skills and safety knowledge of electric hoists, and improve their ability to respond to emergency situations.

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