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Basic essentials for preventing damage to electric hoist motors in shopping malls

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To prevent damage to the electric motor of the shopping center electric elevator, the following are some basic points:

Choose the appropriate motor:

Select the appropriate electric motor based on the frequency of use, load capacity, and working environment of the electric elevator. Ensure that the motor can withstand the expected load and operating conditions.

Regular inspection and maintenance:

Regularly inspect the motor, including checking the motor bearings, insulation resistance, temperature, etc.

Clean the motor to ensure that no dust, dirt, or other debris accumulates on it, which may affect its heat dissipation performance.

Ensure appropriate operating temperature:

The electric motor should operate within the specified temperature range. Overheating may cause damage to the motor. Ensure a good working environment and good ventilation for the electric elevator to avoid overheating of the motor.

Prevent overload operation:

Avoid overloading the electric elevator during operation. Overloading can increase the load on the motor, causing it to overheat, damage, or burn out. Ensure the use of appropriate elevators and operating methods to avoid overloading.

Avoid frequent starts and stops:

Frequent starting and stopping of the motor increases the risk of wear and damage. Try to minimize unnecessary start and stop operations and ensure smooth operation.

Electrical protection:

Install appropriate electrical protection devices, such as overload protectors, short circuit protectors, etc., to prevent damage to the motor due to electrical faults.

Maintenance and replacement of parts:

Regularly inspect the components of the motor, such as bearings, fans, wiring, etc., and replace worn or damaged parts in a timely manner.

Training and guidance:

Provide training to shopping center staff on the use and maintenance of electric elevators to ensure they understand how to use and maintain electric motors correctly.

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines:

Follow the maintenance and upkeep guidelines of the motor manufacturer. Different models of motors may have different maintenance and upkeep requirements.

Regular inspection and testing:

Regularly conduct safety inspections and tests on electric elevators and motors to ensure their normal operation and safety. This includes checking the electrical connections, grounding, and insulation condition of the motor.

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