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How to install electric hoists in shopping malls for greater safety

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When installing electric elevators in shopping malls, to ensure higher safety, the following steps and precautions can be followed:

Site and material acceptance:

Ensure that the installation site has sufficient space and appropriate conditions to install the electric elevator.

Use materials and equipment that comply with relevant standards and regulations, and avoid using inferior materials.

Detailed planning and design:

Reasonably determine the number and location of electric elevators based on the scale and passenger flow of the mall.

Design a reasonable elevator operation path to ensure connectivity with the main passages and exits of the mall.

Preparation before installation:

Carefully read the installation manual of the electric elevator to understand the installation steps and precautions.

Prepare necessary tools and equipment, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, level rulers, etc.

Installation process:

Follow the steps in the installation manual to ensure that each component is correctly installed and securely secured.

Pay special attention to the installation of guide rails and elevator cars, ensuring that their verticality and levelness meet the requirements.

After installation, make necessary adjustments and tests, such as lifting speed, door switches, etc.

Security measures:

Install overload protection devices to prevent accidents caused by overloaded operation.

Install an infrared door protection device to prevent the occurrence of human injury accidents.

Install an emergency stop device to quickly stop the operation of the elevator in case of an emergency.

Access control management:

Install an access control system at the entrance and exit of the electric elevator to control the entry of unauthorized personnel and ensure the safety of the mall.

Lighting and warning signs:

Install bright and soft lighting in the shaft and interior of the electric elevator to ensure customer safety and comfort.

Set up obvious warning signs at the entrance and inside of the electric elevator to remind customers to pay attention to safety precautions and usage regulations.

Maintenance and upkeep:

Regular maintenance and upkeep of electric elevators, inspection of the operation of various components, and timely replacement of worn or damaged components.

Conduct regular safety inspections and tests on electric elevators to ensure their normal operation and safety.

Training and guidance:

Provide training to mall staff on the use of electric elevators to help them understand how to use and operate them correctly.

Set up usage guidance signs in the mall to guide customers on the correct use of electric elevators.

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