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Be cautious when selecting the location of I-beams for low net empty hand chain hoists

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The low net empty hand chain hoist is a lifting hoist that operates on the I-beam. Before carrying out lifting work, people need to first build the I-beam, so the location of the I-beam is very important.

Low clearance hoists can be used for lifting work in low and low spaces. They can lift items of various weights, so the load capacity of low clearance hoists is also relatively diverse. Different types of hand chain hoists require different I-beams, and a detailed inspection is required before installing I-beams for hand chain hoists.

Firstly, check the work site. I-beams need to be built on a flat surface, so it is necessary to check if the work site is level.

Secondly, check whether the bearing capacity of the I-beam matches the load capacity of the chain hoist to prevent the occurrence of I-beam fracture during the operation process.

The above is an introduction to the site selection of low clearance hand chain hoist I-beams. Low clearance hoists can carry out lifting and transportation work in multiple locations without the help of I-beams. Therefore, the inspection of I-beams is very important.

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